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Erie County Notary

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Pennsylvania Name origin:

What does the word "Pennsylvania" mean?
Pennsylvania means "Penn's woods." Quaker William
Penn was granted the tract by King Charles II of England
in 1681 as repayment of debt owed to Penn's father,
Admiral William Penn. Originally, Penn suggested Sylvania
(woodland) for his land.

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania shares the designation "Commonwealth"
with Virginia, Kentucky and Massachusetts. The word is
of English derivation and refers to the common "weal"
(well-being) of the public.
In 1776, the state's first constitution referred to
Pennsylvania as both "State" and "Commonwealth"
(either term
can be used correctly today).
In Pennsylvania, all legal processes are carried out in the
name of the Commonwealth.
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Portrait of William Penn as a young man in the mid 1600's.